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Mini head Armature (1/3 size) for sculpting and patterning

Mini head Armature (1/3 size) for sculpting and patterning

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This 3D-printed mini Armature, Mannequin head is scaled down to 1/3 of a full-sized head, allowing you to work on patterns and sculpts more quickly, using fewer materials. Ideal for creating fursuit heads, hats, masks, headdresses, cosplay helmets, and other headwear.

The head circumference is 8.5 inches (22cm).

After creating your shape, you can pattern, or 3D scan it, to then scale up 3x for headwear that will fit 26-inch circumference head.

features a shelf at the base for balancing front-heavy patterns.

If you're not vibing with the face design, I can also print them with a blank face. just let me know in the note box when ordering.

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How to build a fursuit head with a pre-made base (Getting ready to fur)

In this Video I will be demonstrating how I build my heads using the parts available in my store. 

This version is more how I would build suits I intend to wear for myself as the head in the video is for a cosplay. For professional suits, I have a different process that requires more duct taping and copydex adhesive... however I didn't have any copydex left during the making of this video. Anyway, hopefully this will answer some questions:

- How do I line the base?

- How do I attach it to a balaclava? (Sort of answers it, but that's the footage I lost) 6:52 (Can also be seen in "how to make a moving jaw" tutorial)

- What do I do if I don't want a moving jaw? 7:21

- How do I fit eyes to the base? 8:33

- How do I build the back of the head? 9:57

- How do I attach ears? 14:22

- How easy is it to modify? 23:49

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