FAQ and Policies

Returns, exchanges and refunds

Do you accept returns?
As my Items are wearable, made to order items from a large quantity of options, it is difficult to resell a returned item in most circumstances. So, therefore I cannot accept returns on goods without special exceptions, such as the item is damaged or not what you ordered. 

But please message me before attempting to return an item, and within 30 days of receiving the item.

Will I have to pay for shipping on my return?
If the item is being returned due to it being damaged, or the wrong item sent, then you will not be responsible for the cost of postage. I will either provide a shipping label for you to print at home, or I will compensate you for your shipping cost (proof will need to be provided) 

Can I get a refund if my item is damaged / lost?
If your item arrives in an unusable condition, or does not arrive at all, you will be offered the option for a refund or a replacement, as long as the issue was brought to our attention within 30 days of receiving the item (Or 30 days from shipping if the item is lost in the mail). The refund will be processed within 24 hours of the request, when it appears in your bank account will depend on the payment service used. Please note: some international parcels might be delayed longer than 30 days, so if the tracking is still being updated, I will treat the parcel as delayed rather than lost at this point.
I may request a return of the item to me at my own cost of postage.

If the item is usable, but is in an undesirable condition, for example, it was squashed during transport leaving it out of shape or with other cosmetic issues, I will offer you a partial refund to cover your inconvenience.

Please provide photographic evidence of damages, including images of the packaging if you can, as this helps me reclaim the compensation from the postage provider if they are at fault. 

I have / my child has / my commissioner has changed the character, can I swap the head base for a different one? 
Unfortunately in most cases I cannot exchange a design, especially if it has already been received. However, in some cases I may be able to offer an exchange within 30 days after your order was received, for example if the base you are returning is quite popular and easier to re-sell, however you will be responsible for all postage costs (even if your postage was free on the initial order).

I was not expecting the import tax to be so high, can I refuse the item on delivery and get a refund?
Once the item has returned to me, I will process a refund for the item, however I will not refund shipping. Please check all import charges before ordering, as these practices cost my business money.

What is the gaurantee on your work?
As I offer a number of services, the gaurantee terms may differ slightly, but overall if a product is gauranteed, then it is elegable for replacement or repair within its gaurantee period. If it is not gauranteed however, I cannot offer free repair or replacement as standard, but I will help you as best as I can.

The above applies to commission work as well, I can guarantee all standard work such as furring, foam, 3D printed parts, sewing, things that I am regularly producing, as I assume that if you are commissioning me, you will be familiar with my regular work. Any experimental work, which will be outlined during the discussion process, can not be guaranteed. Because of this, if I agree to try something for your project, I will likely only charge for materials to complete this part of the work. Examples of work I'm unfamiliar with would be things like sublimation printing, flocking, minor electronic work, leatherwork, articulated parts and other mechanisms, puppetry. 



Do you ship to my country?
I ship globally. As prices are calculated by weight, I cant give you a direct quote personally. If you add your items to the basket, it will give you the total including shipping there.

When will my parcel arrive?
After the order is processed and shipped, the standing shipping option should take 1 - 2 working days to arrive in the UK, and 5 - 9 working days internationally.

What shipping method do you use?
I use Royal mail (Public mail) for the standard option, which includes tracking on international orders. For the UK I use 1st class parcel.

Do you have an express shipping option?
Yes, but manufacturing times still apply. You can find the shipping upgrade when completing your order.

My parcel is taking ages to get here. Is it lost?
Unfortunately, sometimes a parcel can move quite slowly through the system, especially when there is customs to get through. During busy seasons such as Christmas and Easter this can become a lot more likely.
If your tracking hasn't updated for a while though, that can be more concerning. But, lost parcels are very rare. International Parcels can be delayed anywhere from 3 weeks up to 2 months (on a rare occasion).
If you are concerned though, please contact the postal service directly as they may be able to help you trace your parcel.

I ordered express shipping, and the date for delivery has passed, can I have a refund?

If all the information provided for shipping was correct and the express delivery was delayed from the time of posting, then you will be entitled to a refund on your shipping. 

Please note, products are made to order, so manufacturing times still apply even when ordering with express shipping. If you needed an item by a certain deadline, message me before ordering to see if that time is possible.

What if my parcel is lost, or damaged on arrival? 
Please contact me and I will organise a solution for you. If the item has not arrived for over a month, the tracking is not updating and the postal service can not help you, I will send out a replacement to you as soon as possible (If I have a queue, you will be bumped to the top of it)
For damaged Items, please send photographs of the box and the damage to the item, these will be necessary to process a damage claim with the postal service. I will either send a partial refund and offer repair advice (if it is a simple repair) or I will post out a new item (if it is irreparable).

My item was returned to sender, what happens now?
I will resend the parcel out to you, but you may have to repay shipping costs if: 

- The parcel was returned due to an incorrect or incomplete delivery address and the address that you provided was used without fault.  
- The parcel was returned due to it not being collected.

If you do not want to repay shipping costs, and instead would like to cancel your order, I will refund all but the shipping cost to you, unless the order was custom.

If the order was custom, you may receive a partial refund depending on how resellable the item is.

But, what if I did not collect my item because the post office did not leave a note?
Unfortunately, the postal service doesn't always leave a note and they recommend that a customer follows the tracking number provided to keep track of their parcel. because of this, If the parcel is shipped with tracking, they will not compensate for an uncollected item even if a note is not left.



Can I pay directly through paypal, or another off site method?
I am unable to accept any payments outside of the selling platforms I operate on for security reasons. If you are struggling with setting up payment on my website, you may be able to purchase from my etsy store as an alternative.

Do you accept trades?
Not at this time, no

Do you do payment plans?
Not on items in my store. I will, however, accept payment plans for more expensive custom items. The terms of this agreement will depend on the project, but generally, I will not take more than 3 payments and the first payment is a 10% non-refundable deposit.


How long does it take to make?
It depends on the product and my order queue. But foam parts can take up to 1 week to make during quiet times of the year (Feb - April, August -Sept) and 2 - 3 weeks during busy times. (Jan, May-July, Oct-Dec) Eyes take up to 5 days during quiet times, and 1 - 2 weeks during busy times.

What is the quickest you can make it? I have a deadline (Birthday, commission, convention).
In this case, please contact me before ordering. I may have the availability to take on a rush order to get the item to you. But I will need to directly discuss the product timings with you.

What are your products made from?
My head bases and other foam parts are a lightweight, soft, polyurethane expanding foam cast in a silicone mould.
The eyes are made of PETG or PLA (depending on the colour availability), heavyweight buckram, and are painted with acrylic.
Subtle feet and printed ears are made with TPU (Flexible printing filiment)

Custom heads can be made with either TPU or PLA.

Can you make a custom base for me?
I can produce custom bases if needed, the full service will include 3D sculpting the design and printing in either TPU (Felixble) or PLA (Ridgid) depending on the needs of your project. 

The design will be made in my style (see other bases on my website for examples), I can also make them more exaggerated or with expression, if your project calls for it, but please note, I will not recreate another maker's style.

I will send pictures of the model for confirmation or revision before printing the final model.

For foam bases, however, due to the way I cast my heads I am unable to modify the overall look of each head individually. I'm currently working on a new process that will allow me to produce moulds for new designs more quickly, but if I open for commissions on this, I will only use this method to produce more reproducible designs to avoid waste. 

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, I will take on custom projects for parts in some circumstances. These are mostly for parts, occasionally I will take on a fully furred commission.  

Do you offer a bulk discount?
Yes, you can find the listings for bulk discounts here 


Do you offer commissions?
Occassionally, I will open for commissions on completed projects ranging from custom foam carving, to full fursuits depending on my intrest and availablity at the time. If you would like a commission, feel free to message me for my availablity, but I cant gaurantee that I'll always accept a project.

I want something a bit different from what you normally make, is it possible?

It depends on how different, but sometimes I enjoy tackling a new challenge and learning new skills if it's part of a larger project that includes my more familiar work, for example, installing fans in a LARP head. I do not offer guarantees on this work if it's something I'm inexperienced with, but the details of this will be fully discussed during the planning stages so you can make the best decision for your project. 

Can I cancel my commission even if it has started?

Yes, however, the deposit will be non-refundable and any work already completed will not be delivered. For more completed projects, the circumstance will depend on how far the project has progressed, how unique the project is, and how many payments have already been made. So will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Any special circumstances will be outlined during the planning of the project.

Could you cancel my commission without my approval?

I will do everything I can to see a project through to its deadline. However, In some circumstances, I may feel it's best to cancel your project. The circumstance may be a personal issue, or something outside of my control (such as a house fire). I may also cancel your order if you behave unreasonably or inappropriately towards me, either directly (in person, via email, phone call) or indirectly (i.e. social media). 

If your commission is cancelled due to personal reasons, or an issue outside of anyone’s control. Your order, including deposit will be fully refunded. In circumstances where the commissioners behaviour is at fault, the deposit will be excluded from the refund (unless the project hasn’t started yet).



Can I use your costume parts in a commission? 
Yes, using one of my bases/parts for a paid commission is perfectly fine. I even sell parts in bulk for fursuit makers to get a better deal. I would appreciate it if you give me some credit when you announce the completed part on social media, however, I don't make it mandatory to do so, it's just a kind thing to do for one maker to help out another.

Can I make a mould from your fursuit parts as long as it's for personal use?
Absolutely not. The purchase of one of my costume parts gives you the right to use that individual part, but not the rights to the design. Making a mould from one of my bases is an infringement of my copyright and I will take legal action if necessary. 


How do I wash a head made with your parts?
The foam I use for my bases is plastic, similar to upholstery foam, so they can be cleaned in the same way as any other base. However, it also depends on the material you used for the rest of the head and it's details. I will always recommend spot cleaning a head regularly rather than giving it a large submerge clean once in a while. Always make sure it is dried thoroughly before storing away.

Are your eyes waterproof?
The eyes themselves are made with printed plastics, which are water-resistant. The buckram is painted with Acrylic-based paints, which hold their colour well with water, I also add a layer of clear coat to the final design to finalise the protection. Because of this, they will hold up to most cleaning methods, but please be aware that using any cleaning chemicals or excessive cleaning may damage the clear coat, so it may need to be reapplied in time.

The head has a chemical smell out of the box, will it always smell like this?
I try to send my bases out as soon as I can after casting. Although the process I use includes some time for the base to air out after casting, the spongy material can still hold some of that chemical smell.
It will disappear quite quickly over time, especially as you're building the base with other glues and materials. If you're worried the smell is too much though, you can squeeze the air out of the base, let it find its shape again, and then leave it out to air for a bit.

How do I build a costume with your parts?
I have a few tutorials on my youtube channel for now. Including getting a head ready to fur, building a moving jaw, and getting feet ready to fur. I am working on new, more up-to-date ones all the time.

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