• Welcome to Runaway Workshop

    Owned and solely operated (For now) by me, Adele Waldrom, from my workshop in the Midlands since 2012.

    My store specialises in producing animal-themed costume parts, such as head bases and masks for all kinds of animal illusion costume projects, including cosplay, mascots, and fursuits. I also occasionally open up for custom commissions for parts, and fully completed costumes.                   

  • Who am I?

    I am Adele Waldrom, and as well as being the sole artist and operator behind Runaway workshop, I get up to all kinds of shenanegans.

    I have qualifications in Design tech, Illustration, traditional craft, and also ecology/conservation. I love Nature and art, so naturally my full time business merges the two.

  • Trade show & festival appearances 2024

    LARPcon (Vending) 2nd-3rd March

    The Alternitive convention Newark (Vending) - 7th April

    UK Games Expo (Vending) 31st May - 2nd June

    The Dark Faery Solstice Festival (Attending) 21st - 23rd June

    Noisily festival (Attending) 11th - 14th July

    Fantasy forest (Attending) 19th - 21st July

    Legendary Faery Festival (Attending) 10th - 11th August

    LARPcon kit fair (Vending) 4th - 5th Nov

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