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Kemono Critter bundle deal: cut and carved head base, Eyes and Feet padding, for costumes mascots and fursuits.

Kemono Critter bundle deal: cut and carved head base, Eyes and Feet padding, for costumes mascots and fursuits.

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Eye finish

This bundle deal includes a cut and carved head base, a pair of toe padding for feet paws, and a pair of Blank or coloured eyes fitted specifically to the head base. separately.


This toony short faced animal foam head provides a base to make your very own Rabbit, hare, otter, ferret, martin, weasel, binturong, mouse, hamster, guinea pig and many more short faced animals. With modification to the nose, will also work will other short faced mammals such as a bear, bat, different felines and more. Due to the soft and flexible nature of the foam, it is very easy to cut and modify to suit your needs.

This head comes pre-carved ready to attach to a balaclava and begin work on. To cut and hollow out the base, I fully remove the bottom jaw, so the item will come in two pieces but this is ideal if you want more flexibility for building. it can easily be reattached with hot glue.

- The uncut base measures at:10.5 inches wide and 10 inches high. But once cut, will be flexible enough to fit larger sizes. I cut and hollow the base out as a one size fits all model, if you find you haven't hollowed the cheeks out enough for the base to fit you comfortably without distorting, the soft nature of the foam makes it very easy to cut with a pair of scissors.

- Ideal base for all kinds of costuming projects like fursuits, mascots, theatrical costumes, Halloween, cosplay or LARPing.

- Provides excellent vision, can be mounted to fit glasses, and can be cut in a way that will allow for follow me effect eyes.

- Not suitable for a moving jaw (it can work, I just don't think it would look right with the fixed expression)

--- FOOT PAWS ---

One pair of foam paw, toe padding, (shoes not included) to make your own pair of fursuit, costume or mascot foot paws. These can be used for a variety of different species.

- 25 wide (widest point)
- 18cm Long (longest point)
- 10cm high (highest point)

To ensure a perfect fit, the soft nature of the foam allows you to hollow the bottoms of the padding out to fit around your chosen shoes, the ones in the photo are a size 11(UK) as reference. They will fit all shoe sizes, but some additional foam is required if you want to fill out the whole shape of the shoe to make it flow better.

--- TOONY EYES ---

Bundle comes with a pair of white follow me effect toony eyes. Other colours are available, please see my other listings for examples and add a note to seller if you would like to change out the default white for another colour.
The size is designed to fit the head base and come with a few options for the finish:

BLANK EYES: Pair of plastic eyes with a sheet of buckram for you to paint as you like.

PLAIN BLACK / WHITE IRIS: Plastic pair of eyes with plain, solid black or white mesh installed

COLOURED: Pair of plastic eyes with mesh installed, painted to your chosen design. Choose from pre-made colours or customise to suit your project. Use the personalisation box or note to seller to describe your order. If you just want a pre-made colour with a round pupil and single round shine, just write the number of the colour you would like into the box.

HETEROCHROMIA: YOU MAY CHOOSE TWO DIFFERENT COLOURED EYES FOR ONE PAIR, I get asked this a lot, and yes, I can do this for you at no extra charge. You do not need to buy two pairs of eyes for this option.

CUSTOM OPTIONS: Many custom options are available, including pupils, shines and designs, please see the listing photos for more. If you can’t fully describe your design, please also provide a reference image with a description of what you would like, the more detailed the better (even things that might seem obvious from the reference image). Colours won’t always match 100%, but I will do my best to match as close as possible with the colours I have available. I can recreate most designs, the only limit is the mesh material which makes it difficult to add very fine detail, but if you're not sure, feel free to message me first.


Soft foam yellows over time, and some air bubbles form on the base (due to the nature of the casting process) however this does not diminish its quality or usability,

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How to build a fursuit head with a pre-made base (Getting ready to fur)

In this Video I will be demonstrating how I build my heads using the parts available in my store. 

This version is more how I would build suits I intend to wear for myself as the head in the video is for a cosplay. For professional suits, I have a different process that requires more duct taping and copydex adhesive... however I didn't have any copydex left during the making of this video. Anyway, hopefully this will answer some questions:

- How do I line the base?

- How do I attach it to a balaclava? (Sort of answers it, but that's the footage I lost) 6:52 (Can also be seen in "how to make a moving jaw" tutorial)

- What do I do if I don't want a moving jaw? 7:21

- How do I fit eyes to the base? 8:33

- How do I build the back of the head? 9:57

- How do I attach ears? 14:22

- How easy is it to modify? 23:49

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