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Large Bee, bumblebee, insect soft foam head base for costumes, mascots and fursuits.

Large Bee, bumblebee, insect soft foam head base for costumes, mascots and fursuits.

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This Bee foam head provides a base to make your very own Bee, Bumblebee, or other insect fursuit head. Can also be modified to be used in other different animals and monsters, due to the soft and flexible nature of the foam, it is very easy to cut and modify to suit your needs.

uncut, or cut and carved options available  (How to cut and carve a foam base)

With the cut and carved option, this head comes pre-carved ready to attach to a balaclava and begin work on. To cut and hollow out the base, I fully remove the bottom jaw, so the item will come in two pieces but this is ideal if you want to create a moving jaw. (How to build a moving jaw)

All of my bases are made from soft, light weight foam. They are durable for all suiting activities, Ideal for all kinds of costuming projects like fursuits, mascots, theatrical costumes, Halloween, cosplay or LARPing.


At 13  inches wide x 10 inches high X 13 inches long, this is my largest base as it is intended to be used with body padding. 

The bases have an open back to allow your build work for all shapes and sizes.

How to build a fursuit head with a pre-made base

With the cut and carved option, I cut and hollow the base out with a one size fits all model. But if you find it hasn’t been hollowed out enough for your project, the soft nature of the foam makes it very easy to cut to your liking with a pair of scissors.

It can even be cut enough to accommodate glasses.


With eyes will come with a set of bee eyes. Which are a strong, clear acrylic dome, with black mesh installed. Designed to fit into the base.



- Over time, the outer skin will yellow slightly, but this will not affect the quality of the base. Especially once it has been covered.
- Some air bubbles will occur in the casting process, but again, once the base is covered these won’t be noticeable.
- Uncut bases can sometimes have air bubbles inside that are not detectable at the surface level (Especially during extreme weather periods) these are easy to fill in with the foam hollowed from the head.

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How to build a fursuit head with a pre-made base (Getting ready to fur)

In this Video I will be demonstrating how I build my heads using the parts available in my store. 

This version is more how I would build suits I intend to wear for myself as the head in the video is for a cosplay. For professional suits, I have a different process that requires more duct taping and copydex adhesive... however I didn't have any copydex left during the making of this video. Anyway, hopefully this will answer some questions:

- How do I line the base?

- How do I attach it to a balaclava? (Sort of answers it, but that's the footage I lost) 6:52 (Can also be seen in "how to make a moving jaw" tutorial)

- What do I do if I don't want a moving jaw? 7:21

- How do I fit eyes to the base? 8:33

- How do I build the back of the head? 9:57

- How do I attach ears? 14:22

- How easy is it to modify? 23:49

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