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Runaway Workshop

Custom painted LARP mask

Custom painted LARP mask

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Mask base design

Let me bring your adventures to life with expertly crafted custom combat-safe masks. These creations are designed to withstand the most action-packed performances, from thrilling combat to mesmerizing dances. When it's time to step into your character's shoes, my masks will be your trusty companions.

Each mask is finished with an easy-to-clean lining, an adjustable velcro strap, and a Latex-free flexible, protective sealant.

Customisable options:

- Custom painted: Choose from my selection of pre-formed masks for your own custom-painted design. (if you would like a species that I haven't stocked yet, there is a chance it's already on my work list, so please message me and I can give you an estimate on its release.)

- Scarring and tattoos: I can also apply raised scars and add nicks in the ears for a battle-weary look.

- Dynamic colour pallets: UV reactive paints are also available for magical tattoos, full festival colours, or vibrant characters. 

- Attachments: I can provide alternative attachment methods if you would prefer something other than an elastic strap, please message me with your preference before purchase to make sure it's something I can do. Some methods may have an extra cost.

For an extra cost, horns, antlers and other features can be created for your character,  please message me for an accurate quote on projects that require these features. 

How to commission:

Only a limited number of slots open up each month, if this listing reads as out of stock, it means I have filled my commission slots, but they will open again as soon as previous projects are completed.

Once the design is finalised, the creation of the final mask takes 2 - 3 weeks before shipping.

Step 1: Choose your base. Choose from the available base designs I have in stock, more designs are added every couple of months. 

Step 2: Describe your design such as colours and pattern, or send reference photos. Please note that some fine or complicated details may not be possible, so if your character design is particularly complex, please message me just to be sure.

Step 3: I will make your design.  I will prepare and paint your mask for you, and then send you photos before adding the final coating to seal the paint. This is in case any adjustments need to be made.

Step 4: Finish and post. your mask will be finalised and shipped to you once it is dry 

Step 5: Enjoy! don't forget to share your adventures with me on social media.

For more details on commissioned work, please check out my terms and conditions.

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How to build a fursuit head with a pre-made base (Getting ready to fur)

In this Video I will be demonstrating how I build my heads using the parts available in my store. 

This version is more how I would build suits I intend to wear for myself as the head in the video is for a cosplay. For professional suits, I have a different process that requires more duct taping and copydex adhesive... however I didn't have any copydex left during the making of this video. Anyway, hopefully this will answer some questions:

- How do I line the base?

- How do I attach it to a balaclava? (Sort of answers it, but that's the footage I lost) 6:52 (Can also be seen in "how to make a moving jaw" tutorial)

- What do I do if I don't want a moving jaw? 7:21

- How do I fit eyes to the base? 8:33

- How do I build the back of the head? 9:57

- How do I attach ears? 14:22

- How easy is it to modify? 23:49

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