Our Journey

I made my first fursuit In 2012 as a hobby project whilst working as an illustrator, I loved it so much, between then and 2016, I made 22 fursuits.

Then, In 2014 I also opened my first online store, selling a few of my pre-made toony base designs.

Runaway workshop photo shoot confuzzled 2015: photo by Shenson Karu

photos of my costumes out in the world. top left is a green dragon (Zhinrak) with arms around a golden dragon (Mr whip). Right hand image is a purple dragon (Chally) kneeling next to his charity collection bucket, to be eye to eye with a child who is staring at him in wonder. bottom image is of a golden dragon (mr whip) waving, he stands next to a blue dragon (Bloo) who has his arm around an unknown mint coloured fox suiter

photo of some of my suits at confuzzled 2015, a dog with skull pattern on its face pre made suit by me, an unknown green badger fursuiter, a blue dragon (bloo), and an orkish otter (Pa-daka) stand together next to hotel double doors. photo by shenson Karu

People seemed to enjoy these designs and the convenience of not having to carve their own foam, so I was able to start expanding my product range until it became my full-time business. 

my old workshop in my nanas garage

my early working process, using jigs and other hand crafted setups in order to make my products

My first professional setup was in my Grandmothers garage, which I refurbished into a suitable workspace. But I still had to share it with the utilities and an occasional flood.

the construction of my old workshop casting room

my old workshop casting room completed

And then, when I bought my first house, I also finally got my new workshop (Some assembly required)! a place I can truly call my own. It took about 6 months for me to do the building work to get up and working fully, whilst I still worked on orders and on my new house. But it came out better than I could have imagined. (You can see the results on my about page) 

a photo of me standing in my new workshop when it was still just a shed.

photo of my workshop before it was fully insulated. the wooden beams are visible and so is the concrete floor on the first picture. then, it shows how I insulated the floor with foam board, and used floor boards on top

photos of my workshop with insulation between the beams, and the wood effect vinyl floor installed.

photos of the plaster board being installed into the workshop

photos of the finishing touches to the plaster board, and one of me wearing goggles and a dust mask whilst I power sand the walls smooth

photos of the fixed worktops as I install them

photos of my workshop with most of the units and shelves installed.

photos of the outside of my workshop and it's new paint job in a greyish green colour.


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