How to fur a head

This method works with other parts too, the body being eaiser and the feet being harder.


  1. cellophane, clingfilm, serran wrap head well, but not tight
  2. duct tape over (only one half if the head is symmetrical) use a colour of duct tape appropriate to the pens you have available
  3. draw markings on the head for where the seams will go. try to put seams in places where they are less visable, use curves rather than straight lines, and where the head changes colour. when doing only one half, prepare for the central part over the muzzle to be cut out as one peice, so the seam is not on a flat.
  4. mark each piece with a direction of fur arrow, colour, description
  5. lay the peices flat, if they do not lay flat then cut a slit to make them lie flat
  6. draw around peices on card, tight to the line, slit and all (skip this step if you don't want to keep the pattern)
  7. mark the card with the details, then cut it out
  8. note the direction of the fur, mark it on the back if needed.
  9. draw your pattern onto the fur, leave no buffer for peices that will be hand sewn, and a small buffer for machine sewn.
  10. sew up the slits first.
  11. then assemble the parts 
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