About Runaway workshop

Runaway workshop is a UK based creative business, specialising in animal themed costume parts, such as head bases, feet padding and more, so users can build their own costumes, cosplay, mascots, and fursuits with ease. We also occasionally open up for custom commissions for parts, and fully completed costumes.                                                                                                       

Owned and solely operated (For now) by me, Adele Waldrom, from my Leicestershire based home workshop since 2012. 

I work using a number of different computer aided machines to improve quality control in my products. But I still stay close to traditional, hands on methods of sculpting, painting and assembly, because working with my hands is a big part of why I love what I do.

a photo inside runaway workshop

images of my new workshop set up

photo of my machine set up, a 3D printer and a CNC milling machine sit on a counter next to a laptop. the counter top is dirty with bits from the milling machine that has just been used

photo of my working process, feet paw sculpts covered in silicone to make a mould, next to 3D printed mother sculpts


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