June / July News letter: Summer vibes

I'm just going to jump right in and start with... say hello to my newest costume...

This was a head, tail and sleeve commission with amour modifications and detailing. The head features two fans and LED eyes that change colour, are dimable, and flash in patterns via a remote control.

A lot of firsts with this suit, but I had a lot fun, learned a lot and the final result looks stunning with all the Armour. When I first announced this on twitter a few weeks ago, it got a lot more love than I was expecting, and I'm so grateful for the support, I just wish I had watermarked the images!

Other Happenings from June and July!

With my Feline and Reptilian LARP masks now available in store here, I've taken some time to do some more mask painting, I absolutely need a better airbrush for this to be a more frequent activity, but what I have managed to get done I'm very pleased with.

I've patterned the hood and lining, so now I'm off and away having fun, completing some finished masks. This wolf one in particular was a big hit at a small Trance festival I went to at the start of July, and running around barefoot as a feral wolf in neon-draped woodlands was A LOT of fun. It was a much needed reminder, with the stress of deadlines and trying to earn a living in this dumpster fire of an economy, it is sometimes easy to forget that what I do is supposed to be fun, its stupid and it's silly as much as it is hard, and I'm grateful for every moment I get to do it full time.

I am working towards some pre-made costumes for festivals and different kinds of LARP, and as well as the designs I already have, the three critters I've chosen to sculpt next are ones I have a few fun plans for, particularly in the post-apocalyptic genre.

Taking it one step further though, into broader applications, with the new found freedom (thanks to the completion of the wolf commission) I'm able to start putting long awaited plans into action by working on more costume parts to create complete anthro animal illusions for whatever your role-play poison might be. So there will be a variety of completeness with my future pre-made's, ranging from a simple hood and tail, to a full digitigrade illusion! 

In non-costume related business

Other projects coming out of my workshop might be a little more left field as I make an effort to use up wood, chicken wire, perspex and all kinds of other materials that have been gathering up over years of home renovation, gardening, and camper-van conversion.

I'm thinking of sharing some of these projects on my blog, but I'll just see how time takes me, sometimes I just like to use the time it takes to write about a project... to just do another project. And right now, I'd love to get the last touches of my camper conversion finished, then I'll share its exciting transformation from crap van, to crap van with a bed in the back.


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