Confuzzled 22: what to expect from my stall and myself at the convention

Its been so long! but at the end of the week the Hilton Birmingham will be opening its doors to the weird, wild weekend that is Confuzzled. From Saturday to Monday, you will find me among many talented artists, artisans and entrepreneurs in the Dealers den.


Saturday 11:00 - 17:00 / Sunday 11:00 - 17:00 / Monday 10:00 - 15:00
Cash and Card payments Accepted

Confuzzled map of the dealers den with a sign saying "runaway workshop" pointing to tables W-25 and W-26


I'd really appreciate it if you pop over to see me, even if you just want to say hi or show me some of your work, I genuinely love seeing how people bring my bases to life in so many unique ways. Which makes it even more exciting to be sitting across from Cwoodsdean creations (Table D-25), a fantastic UK fursuit maker who I have featured in one of my monthly news letters before, they work with a variety of bases including my own.

I will be active for as along as the den is open, unless I need to shuffle off for 5mins. but in that case, I will leave an honesty box on the table and some postit notes for people to reserve an item for when I get back if they want to pay by card instead.

What will be on my table:

I will be displaying a variety of my online products including fursuit parts, Bandannas, plus some new items that I haven't released yet, and sewing supplies in case your fursuit needs some fur-st-aid.

Head bases:

I will be bringing a good selection of my new head base designs to display and sell. This will include some offcasts, cut & carved examples, and a few uncut ones too. Con prices for bases come at a 10% discount, so will be:
£53 Uncut,
£62 Cut & carved,
The off casts will be priced individually depending on their level of defect.

Small parts:

Eyes: I will have a variety of different coloured follow me effect eyes, as well as some experimental ones which will be priced at Blank £13, Coloured £19
Ears: Prices will vary for the ears as the materials and making process differ, my new 3D printed ears will be available, and foam cast manokit ears. 
Feet: I will come with a small stock of foam feet padding, and also my new 3D printed subtle paws for shoes and trainers. pricing will be, 3D printed paws:£25, Hooves £35, Toony paws £35, offcasts prices vary
Paw pads: Puffy foam paw pads will also be available on my table at £25

Costume masks:

Painted and unpainted durable foam LARP masks will be available, including off casts. Unpainted: £35, Painted mask £50 (Offcast prices vary)


Once again I'll be bringing out the stock of bandannas I'm selling on behalf of my mum, these will be ones featured in my etsy store as well as new ones I've not gotten around to listing yet. Lots of fun vibrant patterns, backed, with easy clip attachment. lots of different sizes will also be available from large fursuit bandannas, right down to small pet ones. Prices vary: between £5 - £15

Sewing supplies:

I will have a few emergency sewing supplies on my stand if you need something to repair your suit in a pinch

Needle and thread: £1
Mini sewing kit: £5

How to find me:

My social signifiers, pronouns she/her, neurodivergent, okay to approach, ask for hugs, lesbian pride flag


I typically go by Adele, and also Sole, my badge name says "Delibob" I will answer to all of these.

Pronouns are She/Her. Not much of a hugger I'm afraid, but very happy for people to approach me and say hi. 

I wont be bringing a fursuit this year. I lost a lot of weight over the pandemic so Pad is very baggy on me, now I'm now deciding weather to refurbish my old suit or make a whole new one with new character.  

In the den you'll find me either at my table, Bothering Cwoodsdean, or perhaps fan-girling the charity stall. When I'm not in the den I'll likely be on my laptop in the lounge, if not wandering the halls like a haunted Victorian child. If you want to find me, shoot me a message request on twitter and I'll add on telegram.

Hopefully see you at the con!

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