April news letter: Spring cleaning!

Barcodes! ad campaigns! SEO optimisation, and sweet sweet excel spread sheets. all incredibly exciting stuff that's been happening this month in my website spring clean, but other than the glamorous behind the scenes stuff I have also been able to play with some new products!

Ears are here:

Pointed fox style 3D printed ears displayed on a mannequin head for scale
costume fox ears on a head band, finished with brown fur on the outside with cream fabric on the inside

As mentioned last month, I've been playing around with getting a new variety of ears in my store, and I've released my first pair today! They're printed in TPU for flexibility, making them super durable for all kinds of costuming and performance art based shenanigans. And bonus, as they're a direct print product, I can offer custom sizes to whoever needs them without having to make a million molds. More pre-made designs are to come, but custom orders are also welcome.

Mask progress:

Focusing on the Feline mask, I'm really glad I went back and reworked the shape because now it's looking a lot more how I saw the design in my head and I'm getting really excited to see the final outcome emerging. The reptilian / dragon born / Argonian style mask isnt far behind, but I'm not happy enough with it to show just yet. Does it look like I'll have both designs complete before confuzzled? I'm still hopeful, anticipating more obstacles to arise, especially as I still feel like I have so much to do before the event, but it will be my primary focus to get them done.

CFZ22 Approaches!

I have been chipping away at con tasks over the year so far, designing promo material, dusting my displays off, building up some stock, and yet, I know I will still not be prepared and just have to wing it as usual.

I know this year will be a little different as there is a lot hanging over it, not just the extra caution we should all be taking as covid is still a thing, but also the lack of large scale socialising for the past two years will be putting a liminal aura on everything. In spite of this though, I hope that those who feel safe to do so, will come over and say hi, because one of the highlights of working the dealers den is having people excitedly show me the suits they've been working on with my parts. 

If you are planning on coming over, I'll be posting more information about what I'll be bringing to the table and where to find me closer to the time (once all the information is available) but for now here is an idea of some of the stock I'll be bringing: A selection of head bases (if you have any requests for which designs for me to bring, feel free to message me), foot paws, ears, LARP masks (Painted and un painted), Bandannas, and a selection of pre-made and blank eyes. 

I have been working on some exciting colour fade gradient eyes as an experiment as well, I just have to tidy up the prints now. Whatever is left over from the Con will go online in June.

Plans for May:

Although I do enjoy pouring out new idea experiments like a big box of lego onto the floor that I can just roll around in, thrusting pieces together to see what I end up with. But, I need to keep the creative box to one side for the time being because my absolute focus is confuzzled prep and also getting the last tweaks done on the wolf commission.

That being said, I am writing down the little things that keep popping to mind, ready for when I'm more free to do them. A lot of what I've been wanting to play with are parts I have attempted in the past, such as Digi padding and wings, but reinforced by more experience. 

To finish on, I just wanted to talk about the work that's going on outside my workshop over the weekends. It's that time of year where all the nice things start happening outdoors, so I've been working on sprucing up the little workshop garden or as we lovingly call it "the pit" (parks and recs fans will understand), by planting some more trees, adding a little pathway and painting everything obnoxious colours.

photos of the garden space outside of runaway workshop, a brightly painted shed in shades of pink and blue, and a half built stone pathway to a large green out building with lots of trees and greenery surrounding it

Meanwhile, a couple of great tits have also been busy in the big bird box back there and laid seven eggs! last year there was only five and it was chaos, fingers crossed they all hatch healthy, I'll be putting extra meal worm out for them once they do!

Inside the workshop bird box a great tit has laid seven eggs in a soft nest of fur and moss


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