October News letter: New things to come

The two years since I'd moved into my new workshop have just flown by. A lot of that time has been focused on updating my fursuit bases which has been time very well spent improving my sculpting skills, learning new processes and playing with new materials. So now, I'm very excited to talk about what I'm going to be working on next!

Over the past few months I've been sought out for more detailed work, particularly from the LARP and Theatrical communities. The prospect of opening up to a wider audience of costume lovers and creators is too exciting to ignore, especially considering why I started this gig in the first place.  

Brown painted rat folk mask being worn by an idiot in a green hoodie

As someone who loves getting into character and scampering around the woods in fancy dress (not for any particular event btw) I wanted to make fun and inspiring costume parts accessible to anyone, from idiots like me, to social role players, professional makers, and hobby crafters.

So, that's why I'm now going to be shifting towards more detailed work for versatile costumes, like the Skaven mask I released at the beginning of the year (which you may be seeing in a play this November if you live in East Anglia) 

Most of my planned designs are still anthro themed, so, I hope there will still be a place for my new work in the furry fandom as well. This community has been incredibly supportive, and I'm so grateful, I would love to still attend confuzzled to showcase everything I've been working on and meet the creative people who have given my work its true value.

In fact, thinking about it, I honestly think the biggest point of excitement about this shift, is the all of the different conventions I'm going to get to go to, especially craft expos full of lovely craft nerds who probably just came for the buttons and go away a fully converted Kenku, it's gonna be fun. 

What that means for my current designs:

I don't intend to stop selling my existing designs, I know that if you follow me on social media, you will have seen some issues I'd been having with foam casting recently, however I very much intend to get that back up and running again soon, and keep it running for the foreseeable future. I just wont be making any new designs once my last one is released soon. 

(On a completely related note, I have also got a lot more discount offcasts to list now. Those will be available on my etsy store, I already have a few listed ready to buy when I reopen on the 5th Nov, So check that out if you want one of my bases at a discount price, even if it is a bit wonkey.)

As for eyes, I will continue to sell those too, particularity as I've been working on addons for the new style of toony eye that I released a couple of weeks ago. Bare with me while I play around with that.


Minor store updates:

Firstly, I have unfortunately closed new requests for foam bases for now as I sort out the issues I've been having. I hope to have them back up again in time for Christmas orders, all being well it should be around the 12th of November at the latest.

I will be reopening my etsy store for non-foam product orders and offcasts again around the 5th of November unless foam is back on the menu. 

I've updated my website with free shipping for domestic orders (UK) and free shipping on orders over £50 for international parcels. My etsy store has been updated with free shipping as well, but this is just a trial for now, so pricing might look a bit skewed

I will try and post a monthly news letter from now on, so I guess I'll need to do more interesting things to talk about.



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