January News letter: Kicking off right

The month of the hungry wolf moon is the most fitting for the completion and launch of my new werewolf mask, (available here), and the speedy progress of my ongoing realistic wolf commission. With new workshop upgrades, too many new product ideas, and some good convention news, the year is already setting itself to be a full and productive one. So welcome, once again as I ramble into the void about the monthly goings on in the workshop.

painted werewolf mask

New product progress: 

Kicking straight off into the new year, I've been playing around with painting my new werewolf larp mask with easily accessible materials to show off the potential of these designs. I'm really excited to see what the community will create with them, and to help get you started I'll also be working on some tutorials / demonstrations of just a few of the different ways they can be decorated for a variety of creative skill levels. Because accessibility is one of the biggest priorities of this new series of bases.

I also plan to have the custom painted option available on the listings soon, at least in time for the designs I'm working on next which are Argonian and Khajiit in nature, and expected to be sculpted by the end of February. I'm hoping to have a nice variety of designs to display on my dealers den table at confuzzled this year!



Although its a good few months away, I'm excited to confirm my dealers den appearance at confuzzled this year, where I will not only be showcasing my newest masks as above (painted and unpainted) but also, finally! the new-improved fursuit bases I had been working on all through lock down.

This will likely be my only convention appearance this year, however I will be keeping an eye out for other conventions and trade shows through the year to plan my future attendance, maybe even abroad? suggestions welcome!

Everything else:

photos of a wolf mask with light up eyes and next to it, the equipment used to accomplish it

A couple of things I'll be going over in separate posts. Firstly, the wolf commission, I want to go over some of the useful things I've learned from this project, mainly installing electronics in a costume head because that was the completely new thing to me. Secondly, I'm working on upgrading my workshop with an off grid water system and once it's all done, I want to talk about it because I'm really excited, it's been a fun project so far, and again, I've learned a lot that I'd like to share, but as both of these posts will likely go into a lot of detail, I'd like to give them their own space to make the info easier to find.

In store for next month I'm hoping to have the commission completed or at least close to completion, two new mask designs sculpted, and a more steady stream of blog posts. I have also got a small research project in mind relating to confuzzled's theme this year, so keep an eye out on my social medias for a survey link.

All very ambitious for just four weeks.


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