December news letter: Resolutions

What a busy month to end the year! Through work and Family I have only just had the chance to steal a moment on a New year's eve road trip, to round up my December news letter.

last sun set of the year in the rear view mirror

The foundations of my new masks have been firmly laid as I've printed off a small army of head armatures so I can work on a few sculpts at a time. On the note of my mask bases, Excitingly I have had a photo from Norwich Theatre Royal, whose costume department have created several stunning Rat costumes for their production of Dick Whittington using my skaven design as a base.
As small contribution it is, I have gotten a good taste of panto season buzz from seeing my work being used in such a big way! I'm really looking forwards to more of this from my future line of masks.

stage shot from Dick Whittington, several theatrical rats dance around a stage
(Image courtesy of Norwich Theatre Royal)
2022 will also see the newest member of the Runaway Workshop fursuit family as I'll be completing this large wolf commission. This will be the first time I'll be working with electronic components in a head, but after wiring up my camper conversion I have a new found confidence in electronic tinkering.
A series of three photos showing the progress of a semi realistic wolf costume head being assembled
Without much more to say save hashing over previous blog posts about the new products I'll be working on, all I will add is that I'm very excited about the path laid out heading into the new year, especially after feeling particularly lost through some of the challenges of 2020 - 2021.
My resolution is to take more breaks, but to spend those breaks actually resting or doing something fun and creative, rather than doom scrolling reddit. wish me luck!
On that note though, I very sincerely wish you, your family and your role playing alter egos a very prosperous 2022
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